Monday, December 30, 2013


"Anna Wetherell's first glimpse of New Zealand was of the rocky heads of the Otago peninsula: mottled cliffs that dropped sharply into the white foam of the water, and above them, a rumpled cloak of grasses, raked by the wind. It was just past dawn. A pale fog was rising from the ocean, obscuring the far end of the harbor, where the hills became blue, and then purple, as the inlet narrowed, and closed to a point."

The Luminaries, Eleanor Catton, 627

Two weeks at home was a nice reminder of what I love but also why I left.

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  1. Hi, I discovered your blog because I was looking up Petra, and then I started reading your other posts. I really like them. You have a gift for compression - they're kind of like lovely haikus. Regards, Malcolm